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I am extremely grateful to all the people who have supported my work over the years, I have always seemed to get just what I needed to do the work I am passionate about. Thank you so much, I really could not do what I do without you.
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Truth * Justice * Peace
I have come to understand that the reality of peace is in its simplest explanation the end result of a three step process. The first step on the path to peace is a collectively developed understanding of the truth, the single most compelling truth being that we are as human beings all members of one human family, we are all connected. Only upon embracing such truths will we affect justice, and justice is synonymous with peace. True peace is impossible without justice, we who consider ourselves vested in peace would therefore be wise to abandon the notion of peace without justice. Those who know the reality of occupation, denial of human rights and mass murder will understand us much better when make this shift in understanding.

This web site is focused on the truth & justice because lack of truth is the single greatest weapon for the enemies of peace, it is the primary impediment of justice. Lack of truth translates to lack of consciousness, disconnect and division. Understanding of the truth leads to a developed conscience, a connection to our source and the wisdom of oneness; only in this state will we catalyze the unity of purpose that marks the end of humanities prolonged state of collective insanity.

Contrary to the cynical view, the truth is that human beings are good at heart. We have been conditioned to be selfish, ignorant and destructive. But our true nature is quite the opposite. Raised with love, protected from danger, allowed to be free, we are a most magnificent of species. In a sane and natural state we shall exemplify the "Golden Rule" and we will have peace.

The consciousness of humanity is rising at a pace unlike anything experienced within the entire period of so-called "civilization", the "100th Monkey" principle is in affect and those who perceive a loss in power are resisting the inevitable. Truth Justice Peace.

Ken O'Keefe BBC HardTalk (2010) - Discussing Palestine & the Israeli Attack/Murder on the Mavi Marmara from Ken O'Keefe on Vimeo.


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KOK on Twitter
With the IDF accusations that I am a 'radical anti-Israel activist' involved in 'terrorist activity' and was traveling to Gaza to 'train commando units' for Hamas, I felt it time to Twitter.

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KOK on Facebook
Look for more and more content here as Facebook proves to be one of the best means to connect with people of like mind.

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KOK on YouTube
Forty nine videos and counting. From the burning of my US passport to Green Sea Turtle rescues to HardTALK, Al Jazeera & CNN interviews.
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In the aftermath of the attack on the Mavi Marmara, after Israel accusing me of being a “terrorist”, I thought long and hard about the ultimate way to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza. In the course of that process I developed a plan that involves some of the greatest truth tellers alive. This plan will be announced in the first half of 2012.

Trade Not Aid Palestine
Trade Not Aid Palestine
A partnership of Aloha Palestine CIC & Samouni Project with the ultimate goal of replacing the intentionally destructive charitable aid dependency thrust upon Palestine, with true self-determaination & dignified self-sufficiency.

Ken O'Keefe - Aloha Palestine
Aloha Palestine CIC
A SafeTrade social enterprise developed with the understanding that trade, not aid, is an essential key to genuine self-determination for the people of Palestine. more
Samouni Project
Samouni Project
Born out of partnership with the Samouni family in Gaza, this mission aims to provide quality full-time education for the over 100 kids in and to facilitate dignified self-sufficiency for the entire family.

Tahir 4 Gaza
Tahir 4 Gaza is a joint effort between Palestinians, Egyptians and internationals to end the Mubarak era Egyptian blockade of Gaza which largely remains as of April 2013.

Ken O'Keefe - Deep Ecology Hawaii
Deep Ecology
My first social enterprise reflects my first love, the sea. Direct Action Marine Conservation is something I do not only espouse, I have practiced it, and with significant results.

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KOK on Wikipedia
As of January, 2012 this page is Zionist controlled. Over the years this biography has been maliciously attacked with lies and omissions intending to smear my name. Please help make sure these attacks do not succeed - monitor this article.

KOK Official Blog
I have written minimally over the last few years but expect an increase now as I address the slanderous charges of the IDF and continue to fight for Hawaiian, Palestinian & global justice. I will likely write a thing or two about the plunder of our oceans as well.
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If you have a specific business/social enterprise interest, whether it be with Aloha Palestine or Deep Ecology, consider linking with me via Linkedin.

I believe parents are obligated to turn over the planet to our children in a better state than which we inherited it. We must never retire from this duty, excuses aside, this to me defines whether we honour our children or not... More

For clarity and understanding this site is organized with most pages containing a section on Truth, Justice & Peace. Rather then simply acknowledge the problems of our world, it is my desire to share ideas that have the capacity to become workable, viable, solutions... more